Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush Review


Smart toothbrush is not a new term to the modern era nor is it surprising that we are talking about it again as we thank Xiaomi, which has now brought a large number of smart products, including the Mi Electric ToothBrush for the home.

We recently started to use this Mi electric toothbrush which seems pretty much perfect toothbrush for your daily usage and it does have the aura to make you attract to this.

Design And Built Quality

The toothbrush is light and elegant. It is made entirely of white plastic and the gray rubber power button is integrated into the design, leaving no gaps to let water pass. The most important part for a product like Mi Electric Toothbrush is obviously water resistant and it does have IPX7 standard.

Inside the electric toothbrush, we find a sonic engine that allows the toothbrush to vibrate 31,000 times per minute. The vibration is very powerful but not violent. It gives you a relaxing vibration.

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On the back, the surface is slightly rubberized for an optimal grip, while on the front there are some LEDs that indicate the mode of use, ie normal, delicate, personalized and the status of the battery. By pressing the button several times during use, you can change these 3 modes or stop cleaning.

Comfort And Longevity

Comfort And Longevity

The head fits perfectly into the metal support and remains firmly anchored. It is therefore not meant to replace the head continuously between the various users, but rather so that each has its own toothbrush. This remains true also given the statistics that are collected by the toothbrush, data that remain personal with the account that has been configured.

The plastic bristles are high intensity for a deep and at the same time delicate cleaning. The entire head has no metal components to avoid corrosion.

Once the key is pressed, cleaning is started and lasts 2 minutes in basic. A very brief interruption will let you know that you will have to change your mouth cleaning dial in order to properly clean all your teeth. At the end of the two minutes, the cleaning will stop.


Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush

The Mi Home application can interface with your toothbrush by collecting data about your cleanings via Bluetooth. You can also keep the application closed and then download all previous data at once. The home will show you a score that is indicative of how the last cleaning went. Immediately below an average score for the week, the remaining duration of the head and the option to customize the power of the toothbrush.

Pressing on the details it is possible to see how the score was calculated, based on the duration of the wash, the coverage, and uniformity of the cleaning.

The toothbrush, in fact, understands if you are spending too much time in a certain area and evaluates your washing based on how you uniformly clean your teeth and if you have really cleaned them all entirely.

Unfortunately, there is not a graphic showing which teeth we haven’t cleaned enough, but we can still focus more next time to get a better score.

You can then review the history of previous days and have an average daily and weekly score. In the weekly report, instead, there is a graph that will show you which teeth you should focus more on the next wash.

Finally, in the customization settings, you can activate the initial anti-splash protection, the duration of the brushing and the possibility of activating additional functions such as additional 30 seconds whitening or cleaning the tongue.


Mi Electric Toothbrush is priced at Rs. 3,500 which is a great price considering its quality and durability. It is sturdy and easy to use and you can surely go for this gadget because at this price point this Mi Electric Toothbrush is gonna be a steal deal.

There is a lesser priced Mi Electric Toothbrush available which we brought the product after discounts and it will cost you a mere Rs. 1300 and you can use the link below to grab the toothbrush which will again be a value for money purchase.


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