Full Review: Xiaomi Mi Band 4, The SmartBand Champion

Full Review: Xiaomi Mi Band 4, The SmartBand Champion

Review Xiaomi Mi Band 4 – We have come a long way now to witness the fourth generation of one of the highest selling wearable ever and with its simplicity and very lower price and amazing features has captured the attention of many that went on the wrists of a many million to give the success to Xiaomi in the wearable sections.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 sits between the tradition of the past and some next-generation features that allow it to keep up with the times.
It is saying that it’s always a Mi Band but having a new look and a beautiful form.

Here is our review for the latest smart band Xiaomi Mi Band 4:

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Design And Built – Solid

Full Review: Xiaomi Mi Band 4, The SmartBand Champion

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is built on the basis of the previous version, in turn, a slight upgrade of the second generation.

This is because at Xiaomi they have been careful not to distort the concept of the budget-friendly and minimal smart band, a mix of ingredients that would make no sense to change.

With the new version some would have expected an integrated GPS, more advanced smart functions, but have that idea been applied with the Mi Band 4 we would not have the same Band as we are looking at right now. It would have very much affected the battery and the price as well. So once again going for the change would not have been an ideal move by Xiaomi.

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Whether it’s an upgrade from the previous version, it’s easy to understand by looking at it, it’s very similar, with identical dimensions, so that the 3 straps remain perfectly compatible.

The same strap has remained, for better or for worse, qualitatively not excellent, but resistant and easy to wear and adjust, the charging base slightly changes but it will continue to be necessary to detach the capsule from the bracelet to start recharging.

The last consideration is the one that is closest to us, in the long run, it may happen that the perfectly shaped housing of the capsule loosens, then load it as little as possible and pay attention to the movements.

Beyond aesthetics, the Mi Band has always remained itself and it does more or less the same things. There are the changes that have been brought to the screen and to the software, now enriched with some possibilities.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Display

 Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Display

The new display is what excited me the most. It is a 0.95-inch color OLED with a resolution of 120 x 240 pixels. An element that alone is worth the price of the ticket and that differentiates Mi Band 4 from all other competitors, Xiaomi has however had to put up a lot of work to make sure that one of the flagship features of the Mi Band, or the battery, still remains long lasting.

In fact, it has succeeded, the estimated battery is 15 days, maybe one or two days less with an always active heartbeat, we have set it with automatic detection when it is necessary to have a good compromise between the precision of the statistics and battery.

The display is of excellent quality, defined and clearly visible even in direct sunlight. It is used for displaying notifications and mini-apps, and every other basic function can be performed.

The brightness can be adjusted easily on 5 levels, although in the halfway mark the readability will be more than sufficient in the display. But there is still room for improvement in the software and hopefully, that’s solved.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with Smart Features and Upgrades

 Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with Smart Features and Upgrades

The fourth generation Mi Band brings the color display and the Mi Band has become smarter, slightly in reality. The already existing features like the weather, music control, timer, stopwatch, and new rather flashy watch faces can give you a warm feel which was less enjoyable in the previous Mi Bands.

The other aspect is the notifications, they all arrive on the wrist and are displayed in a different app for the app on the color screen.
You will not be able to reply and delete the single notification, and even if you open the notification on the phone, it will remain on until it is deleted.

The display, however, is more than good, for messaging you can read the body of the text, while for emails only the object can be seen.
There is no option to receive the phone calls via Mi Band 4 but it is possible to silence or reject the call.

There is also a minimum of personalization with watch faces, which can be modified by the band or the associated smartphones, in the same way, it is possible to activate, deactivate or program the non-disturb mode to avoid vibration and high brightness at night.

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Among the settings, you will have many possibilities, but the adjustable display timer option is missing, a pity because the default is very short and often insufficient to read something that takes a little time. For the record, you can touch the soft-touch button or raise the wrist to wake up the display in clock mode.

Fitness and health Dedicated

Fitness and health Dedicated

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 monitors the steps taken during the day, the heart rate and the quality of sleep, then estimates the calories burned during the day by combining all the data.

No particular new features or upgrades can be seen compared to the past but there is certainly the greater precision in everything. The steps above all are no longer overestimated and at midnight you will have an idea close to the reality of how much did you move the whole day.

For the quality of sleep, the cardio sensor is used, but you will need to have the foresight to activate automatic monitoring of the heart, otherwise, even the sleep data will not be detected. The accuracy is more than good, at least according to comparison with other references smart band.

You can deactivate the heartbeat monitoring and thus you will gain a couple of days of battery, alternatively, you can select continuous or automatic tracking, with the first of the two. You can also activate an automatic alarm with reference to a specified threshold, which is very handy if you want to keep your heart under control. However, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 cannot predict or measure arrhythmias and other heart problems.

The statistics are finally collected in the Mi-Fit app, which over time has evolved to become clear and complete like few others.

In our opinion it remains a bit castrated in training programs, goals and integration with third parties for sports or diet, for example, you will not be able to synchronize data with Calorie Counter app and Strava.

Certain Limitations of Xiaomi Mi Band 4

We know that the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is not designed primarily for sports, however, we are well aware that many people consider buying it for this reason and in this case, we advise you to not purchase the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 and focus on specific products with GPS.

Using the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 you can start a running session, treadmill, walk, bike, swimming and general cardio, for outdoor activities but you will need to connect with your smartphone to take advantage of the GPS, and without GPS all these data cannot be tracked.

We performed some comparative tests with a sports watch and the results were disappointing, at least in walking and running.
Xiaomi Mi Band 4 grossly underestimates rhythm and distance, there is no way to adjust the stride and the final estimate will be very far from reality.

There were some problems also with the Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor which is lost as soon as the pulse rises above 150 beats if you’re moving briskly but it would work fine for walks and light jogging.


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