Xiaomi Launched Four New Refrigerators Under the Mijia Brand


Xiaomi has been constantly expanding portfolio of products ranging from smartphones to personal gadgets and home appliances. And now the company launched four new refrigerators under its Mijia brand in its home country, China. As has been the case with other Xiaomi offerings in the past, newly launched refrigerators are super affordable.

Xiaomi has launched refrigerators in four different models this week in China, which represents the brand’s new commitment to continue breaking ground in the field of household products. In terms of storage, the smallest model has a capacity of 160 liters, while the larger model has a capacity of 486 liters. The two most affordable models have a traditional design with 2 and 3 doors respectively, and are intended for small families.

On the other hand, the two high-end models have a side-by-side design and are designed for large families. Of these models, one has a capacity of 483 liters and two large doors, while the other model of 486 liters of storage comes with four doors.

What else do we know about the new Xiaomi refrigerators?

Xiaomi Launched Four New Refrigerators Under the Mijia Brand

The four Xiaomi refrigerators have tempered glass shelves and LED lights to illuminate the storage area when the door is open. In addition, they are able to work under a varied range of power that will protect their main components in case of voltage fluctuation.

The two high-end models also have a display panel in front of the door, which can be used to control the temperature of different sections or change the configuration. In addition, these variants also support voice-guided commands from Xiao AI.

To attract customers, Xiaomi will offer a 3-year warranty to buyers who request these refrigerators at the first sale. There are no official words as of now regarding the aunch of the products outside the chinese market but going by the past trend of Xiaomi’s product launch we expect these products to be launched in other parts of the world as well.

The price of the four models –

160 liters (two doors) – 999 yuan or Rs. 9,999 (Approx)
210 liters (three doors) – 1599 yuan or Rs. 15,999 (Approx)
483 liters (two doors) – 1999 yuan or Rs.19,999 (Approx)
486 liters (four doors) – 2999 yuan or Rs. 29,999 (Approx)

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