Xiaomi is adding these new interesting features in MIUI. But discontinuing these smartphones.


Since its expansion to the foreign market and especially India in 2014, Xiaomi has been creating every possible record in the smartphone world.

The Chinese smartphone maker entered with a bang to the Indian market and has not looked back since then. It had ample competition with the likes of Samsung and Micromax which dominated the Indian smartphone market at that point of time. But the company only 5 years old blew out every brand that came on its way.

The company now stands at the top of the Indian market with the reputation of being the most sold smartphone brand in India. It had a vision and the vision was to provide every individual a very well equipped smartphone for a very reasonable price. This was the main success mantra for the Chinese smartphone brand.

It has proved to the world that you can pocket a smartphone with rich features at an unbelievably lower price. The feature that includes not only the hardware part but also the software.

Xiaomi’s MIUI interface is one of the best players in the market and is loved and appreciated by many out there. It is one of the easiest to use and most customizable overlays in the smartphone world.

The MIUI has been offering a lot of interesting features for a while and making the user experience even more better than ever.

The best part of it being the smartphone brand has been constantly listening to the users and improving everything that is lagging to give the user the best possible experience of using the smartphone.

Recently we have come to know that Xiaomi has been working on adding a bunch of new features to the MIUI . It has published a list of features that it is going to add to the UI to make the smartphones even more lively.

New Features To Be added to the MIUI

  • New sound effects.
  • While unlocking your phone with the face you can set the face to unlock the sliding screen (already beta tests released in some phone.)
  • enhanced Dolby sound effects.
  • unlocking the phone through face unlock and fingerprint reader at the same time.
  • Optimized energy saving mode.
  • wake up the screen using voice command.
  • Private folders that can be used for movies
  • global night mode
  • photo editing support for vertical texts.
  • redesign the interface of the store.
  • charging status on the information screen.

Dumping The Mi Max and Mi Max prime

image- mi.com

Just after a while when the Redmi note 3 received its final MIUI 10 stable update, now Xiaomi is preparing to end the beta update release for two new devices, Mi Max and Mi Max Prime.

Xiaomi has released a statement accouncement that the Mi Max and Mi Max prime have received their final MIUI 10 update and there is not going to be more MIUI Beta release for these devices.

Xiaomi, one of the most stable brands when it comes to the beta update for smartphones is finally ending the stable update for Mi Max and Mi Max prime.

The final MIUI 10.3 stable update is expected to be released in April 2019 which happens to be the last stable update for those two devices and there will be no more MIUI beta release for these devices.

Both the devices were launched with a view to target the users who loved to hold a big display smartphone for more of a entertainment and gaming purposes. The Mi Max was launched with Snapdragon 650 Soc, while the prime variant was boosted with Snapdragon 652 Soc.Both the smartphones had underwhelming performance given the reputation of Xiaomi .


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