Xiaomi foldable smartphone patents published online: Here are the pictures

Xiaomi foldable smartphone patents published online: Here are the pictures

Folding smartphones are the latest trend in the smartphone world and how can Xiaomi not get into these. So here it is, Xiaomi has thrown its weight behind the foldable market with the patent of Xiaomi foldable smartphone and continues to carry on its studies on folding smartphones. CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration) published two patents which show two decidedly particular smartphones.

Xiaomi patent with folding smartphone along the horizontal axis


Xiaomi foldable smartphone

The patent of this Xiaomi foldable smartphone seems to be almost ready to turn into a finished and finished product. It is a folding device along the horizontal axis and outwards. When folded, the device has a very particular appearance. A portion of the display is equipped with a camera with two sensors on the left side, while the other side does not show any type of frame.

Once opened, the Xiaomi folding smartphone presents the camera module from the front, ready to be used for taking selfies and for video calls. As you can see, there are no further details, which is rather obvious since these two patents show the mere aesthetic aspect of the two Xiaomi smartphones.

Xiaomi patent with folding smartphone along the vertical axis

Xiaomi Foldable Smartphone

Compared to the patent seen a little higher, this other one from Xiaomi is the one that affects us least. Despite its particular aspect, this Xiaomi foldable smartphone seems quite certain that what is present here is more of a prototype and not a preliminary version of what will really see the light in the near future. We are convinced of this by the arrangement of the front panel – remember that it is a smartphone that can be folded along the vertical axis.

In this position, there is a traffic light camera module in a very unusual position. It is really unpleasant for us to imagine that Xiaomi can really put such a product on sale. It must be said, however, that the general appearance of the phone is rather unique. When the phone is folded, the bezels are extremely optimized and present only along the long and the bottom sides; above it appears to be completely absent.

Things change slightly (but not much) using the back of the smartphone, where instead the lower frame is more pronounced than the others. Perhaps, in this case, it is a compromise due to the arrangement of the internal components.

We will know more of the phone During MWC 2020

 Xiaomi foldable smartphone

The patents give us an idea of ​​what Xiaomi could have in store for the future. As we have seen, the design of these folding smartphones is rather unique, which in some way allows us to record the extreme interest of the Chinese giant in this field.

Obviously it is premature to think of a precise date for the arrival of these devices. Perhaps the MWC 2020 in Barcelona could be the perfect time to show a working prototype.


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