Xiaomi Explains why the Redmi note 7 series didn’t have on-screen fingerprint sensor.


With the launch of Redmi Note 7 series from the sub-brand Redmi, the Chinese tech giant has again outclassed every other brand with some of the mind-boggling features at a jaw-dropping price.

If you look at smartphone features and pricing relation behind any smartphone you will see the pricing depends on what many features that are provided on a smartphone. But that is not the case with the Chinese giant, Xiaomi. Known for it’s aggressive pricing, the company has always been known for delivering what’s best for the consumer.

But it’s very different the case this time around because recently Xiaomi confirmed something that the fans are not impressed and have shown their disappointment.

The brand which recently came up the Mi Airdots has explained why Redmi Smartphones will not sport an on-screen fingerprint sensor any time soon.

Lu Weibing, General Manager of Redmi has confirmed and given reasons why Redmi Smartphones will have on-screen fingerprint sensor anytime Soon. On the Social Networking site, Weibo, Lu sought the opinion of the fans about what new features and changes they wanted to see on a new series of the device. To no one’s surprise, almost every comment was focused on the lack of on-screen fingerprint sensor. and the fans are desperate about the feature on a Redmi device

Weibing responded to the comments which left the Redmi fans high and dry. He said it is currently not possible for a Redmi device to sport on-screen fingerprint sensor. The reason is that the Redmi device has an LCD screen and the fingerprint sensor can only be housed in the AMOLED screens.

Xiaomi Explains why the Redmi note 7 series didn't have on-screen fingerprint sensor.

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Redmi Phones Will Feature The Finger Print Sensor On The Back For Sometime

The rear-mounted sensors for fingerprint unlock on a Redmi device is likely to continue for some time. The reasons Lu Weibing stated indicates that we may not see the on-screen fingerprint sensor anytime soon.

He said, under the current structure of the thin build of the new models of the Redmi Phones it was not feasible to put a side-mounted fingerprint sensor since the surface area would be small and so, the failure rate could be high. . He further said that due to the smaller area of the side fingerprint and the unlocking failure will be immensely high.

For these reasons, it is very likely that the fingerprint sensor will be located at the back of the Redmi phones for sometime in the future. That is, of course, until Redmi decides to use AMOLED Panel on its smartphone. You definitely would see that feature if the on-screen fingerprint technology for LCD displays are developed.

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Some Rumors suggest that apart from the folding phone, Xiaomi is said to be working on an high end Redmi device with Snapdragon 855 SoC and it’s obvious that this Flagship wouldn’t be using an LCD screen and maybe that’s how you are going to see the onscreen fingerprint sensor on a Redmi device.


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