Xiaomi announces 30W Mi Charge Turbo

Xiaomi announces 30W Mi Charge Turbo
Xiaomi announces 30W Mi Charge Turbo

Wireless charging has become quite familiar with high-end mobile phones these days. Almost all premium smartphones now come packed with wireless charging. This type of charging, although very comfortable and convenient, differs and a lot from wired chargers. Now a revolutionary 30W Mi Charge Turbo is coming to that will redefine the wireless charging game.

As many know, wireless charging offers a lower charging speed. At least until now, as Xiaomi has presented a new wireless charger with which it promises to solve this counterpart.

Xiaomi announces 30W Mi Charge Turbo

So far, and according to what tested on all phones, fast wireless charging is standard 10W . Only a few manufacturers have been providing smartphones with Qualcomm Quickcharge 3 that reaches 18W , while the wireless charger that Xiaomi created for the Mi 9 manages to reach 20W .

Now, everything mentioned above could be left behind, as Xiaomi introduced the Mi Charge Turbo , a wireless charger that has a charging speed of 30W . Although this number still fails to exceed the best fast cable charges, located between 40 and 50W, it does offer a higher speed than most of today’s wireless chargers.

According to Xiaomi, this wireless charging is so fast that it manages to charge the battery of a 4,000 mAh phone in a few minutes . Specifically, the figures released by the company was that it would need around 25 minutes to have up to 50% of the battery charged and around 69 minutes to fully charge the battery.

The new technology will be seen first with Mi 9 Pro 5G

As far as compatibility is concerned, there is currently no mobile phone manufactured by Xiaomi that can take advantage of this wireless charging speed . Similarly, Xiaomi said its next mobile, the Mi Pro 5G, will be the first to have come packed with this technology.

On the other hand, some rumors related to the Mi Mix 4 indicate that this phone can also make use of this new charger. At the moment, Xiaomi has said nothing about the compatibility of the Mi Mix 4 with Mi Charge Turbo.


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