This is how the New Tabbed Feed Facebook Mobile App will look like

This is How the Newly Revamped Facebook Mobile App will look like
This is How the Newly Revamped Facebook Mobile App will look like

Facebook was praised by many of its mobile application users when it introduced the Most Recent feed of reverse-chronological posts to News Feed and rightly so. It made everyone easily browse the latest posts and tweak easily between the two. But the social media giant is about to add a new feature to make things even more interesting as it comes with Tabbed Feed Facebook.

Facebook is working on a new interface for its mobile app which comes as a revolutionary move and we will see a revamped version of the app compared to the current one.

This was discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, a well-known reverse engineering specialist, who posted some images found in the application code.

Facebook tests a tabbed feed

Facebook tests a tabbed feed
Facebook tests a tabbed feed

There are three tabs present in the new Facebook interface during internal testing, which opens up a new series of possibilities for users, especially in the mobile field. Instead of the feed filled with what Facebook considers relevant, little appreciated by users, it will be possible to use two other tabs to navigate the flow of news.

The first finally allows you to easily order the flow of your news, showing the most recent ones first. You can currently use this view in the mobile app, but only by accessing the side menu and browsing through other options.

Equally convenient is the possibility of being able to see the posts already read. How many times have you happened to read a friend’s news, recipe or post and not be able to find it in the chaotic news flow shown by the infernal Facebook algorithm? If the new interface is released to the public, you can finally find the posts you were looking for thanks to this tab.

Will the new Facebook interface be for everyone?

The company confirmed the news about the internal tests and that it is considering the possibility of extending them to an external group, without however providing any indication of the possible timing.

According to a spokesman, the new interface would aim to make it easier to view information that can now be reached in a more cumbersome way.

For Facebook it could be an opportunity to increase the time spent by users in their app, increasing the number of advertisements shown and giving an answer to those who are criticizing the slow growth in profits.

Do you find the new tabbed view interesting or do you think that Facebook ‘s algorithm is able to best meet your needs? Leave a comment in the box below.


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