The 2019 iPhone 11 cases reveal a new design. Check Photos and video


Two days ago we gave you an update about some major changes on the new iPhone 2019 and now we have more updates about the iPhone 2019 coming our way.

Recently, 9to5 Mac’s colleague Jeff Benjamin received in his hands a package from China, which contained no less than a series of covers that are supposed to brush the new 2019 iPhones together. Obviously, he couldn’t resist trying them on the current iPhones, to see if there were new details to reveal. And indeed something has emerged.

The aspect that immediately catches one’s eye is undoubtedly the rounded square- shaped opening at the top left of the cover, destined to leave room for the rumored and somewhat bizarre photographic form of the new 2019 iPhones. The dimensions square will be the same on all three new smartphones, but according to the rumored iPhone and iPhone XI, XI Max will boast three cameras, while iPhone XI R should settle only for two.

As for the dimensional comparison between the current and future iPhones, there will be no differences whatsoever and the arrangement of speakers and Lightning door will not change.

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A small change could be seen the in the physical keys of iPhone XI and XI Max, or Power, volume rocker and switch for the ringtone and going by these covers, Apple would have lowered the position of the keys by a few millimeters, perhaps to make them more easily reachable in one-handed use. No news in this regard instead, for iPhone XIR.

Obviously, we do not know if these covers are really based on sources leaked directly from Apple or its official suppliers – and therefore faithful to the final project – or not, so we cannot take these details like the gold.

However, it remains a curious detail, which tells us of the obsessive care that Apple ensures in the design and construction phase of its devices.


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