Sony 4K OLED TVs And 8K/4K Full Array LED TVs Unveiled at CES 2020


Sony has announced five new TV models at CES 2020. These are Several Sony 4K OLED TVs, c announced by the company. Sony A8 and A9 are the 4K resolution OLEDs, the Sony ZH8 (8K) is a Full-Array LED, while the other models include XH95, XH90 and of the LEDs the company announced the XH85, XH81, XH80, and X70. Can’t wait to find out more right? Let’s get to know all the details about the new Sony 4K OLED TVs and more.

The new Android TV models come with the built-in Google Assistant, Google Play Store, and Chromecast to offer users easy access to content and services. The user interface has been further refined, as well as the voice commands, through which you can access live television events, applications and connected devices (in particular on the ZH8 and XH95 models of at least 55 “).

The new TVs are also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices for playing content through YouTube or for changing channels and turning up the volume With the help of Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Sony 4K OLED TV A8 and A9

The Sony 4K A8 OLED Android TV, which will be available in 55 ″ or 65 ″ versions, equipped with the X1 Ultimate image processor with support for Super-Resolution technologies, HDR remastering, Super Bit Mapping 4K HDR and signal processing via double database.

Sony 4K OLED TV A8

Thanks to Pixel Contrast Booster, 8 million self-illuminating pixels offer a visual experience with unprecedented blacks, authentic colors, and a wide viewing angle. Furthermore, with X-Motion Clarity (now also available on OLEDs) the action on the screen is smoother and sharper, especially useful for sports broadcasts. There is also subwoofers’ support for Acoustic Surface Audio technology and compatibility with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

The Sony OLED 4K A9 Android TV, available in 48 ″ formats, is finally the answer to consumers who do not have much space and still do not want to give up an OLED panel. Equipped with a particular aluminum pedestal in a central position, it guarantees the best flexibility for small spaces, without losing the X-Motion Clarity, Pixel Contrast Booster and Acoustic Surface Audio technologies mentioned above.

Full-Array LED Sony ZH8, XH95 and XH90

The Android TV 8K ZH8 will be available in 75 ″ and 85 ″ formats. This Sony 4K OLED TV is equipped with the X1 Ultimate and 8K X-Reality PRO image processor for sharper images and upscaling up to almost 8K, as well as Frame Tweeter and Sound-from-Picture Reality technologies. The panel also supports 120 fps at 4K resolution.

Sony ZH8 can also count on the new backlit remote control and the great technology offered by Sony panels, as well as on wide compatibility (Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, Google Home, voice commands).

ZH8 is not the only Full-Array LED (designed to obtain a more uniform illumination on the whole panel) presented by Sony. There is another 4K Android TV XH95 (in 49 ″, 55 ″, 65 models have also been unveiled ″, 75 ″, and 85 ″) and XH90 (from 55 ″, 65 ″, 75 ″, and 85 ″). The ranges feature the X1 Ultimate processor and 4K HDR X1, streamlined design, TRILUMINOS Display, new Ambient Optimization and compatibility with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

The XH95 also features improved Acoustic Multi-Audio technology, Sound-from-Picture Reality concept with a bi-amp system, which controls the main speaker and invisible tweeter separately, and X-Balanced speaker (on some formats only).

Sony Android TV  XH85, XH81, XH80, and X70

At CES 2020 Sony also unveiled the 4K Android TVs XH85, XH81, XH80 and X70, available in the following formats:

  • Sony XH85 43 ″ and 49 ″
  • Sony XH81 43 ″, 49 ″, 55 ″, and 65 ″
  • Sony XH80 43 ″, 49 ″, 55 ″, 65 ″, 75 ″, and 85 ″
  • Sony X70 43 ″, 49 ″, 55 ″, and 65 ″

Sony XH85, XH81, and XH80 feature 4K HDR X1 processor for greater pixel depth and a more natural color rendering, aided by object-based HDR remastering. The TRILUMINOS Display panels guarantee wide shades of color and light, while the X-Balanced speakers (only on XH80 and XH81) combine audio sharpness and slim design. Sony X70 is compatible with 4K X-Reality PRO technology and with Clear Audio + for sonic performance.


Sony 4K OLED TV: Price and Availability

Unfortunately, Sony has not yet released details regarding the prices and availability of its Android TVs A8, A9, ZH8, XH95, XH90, XH85, XH81, XH80, and X70. The Japanese manufacturer has assured that they will come up with all the prices and availability of all the TV models in the coming months. For the time being, all we can do is wait and see when does Sony puts an official announcement regarding the prices and availability onboard. So what do you think of Sony’s Android TV 2020 range? Tell us in the comments section below.

Source – Sony


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