Samsung S10 is already very popular and has already broken several records. Here’s why –


Samsung’s newest flagship set Galaxy S10 trio have already caught many eyeballs with it’s amazing design and features. Even before the smartphones were showcased, fans were going gaga over the 10th anniversery flagship model and samsung in return didn’t dissappoint the fans as it has come up with some interesting new features and the fans are only loving it.

The love was indeed seen in terms of the pre-orders. The Flagship trio from samsung is on a record breaking spree and running high all around the world. It is something way more than what the company may have expected.

Pre-orders for the trio of S10 ended on March 8. And now we have a few records that S10 has created just at the pre-sales period. The smartphone has already outsold the Galaxy S9 series and with a good margin.

Samsung’s 10th-anniversary flagship phone was officially announced on February 20 but Samsung was quite for a few days and took a while in between till it sold its first smartphone. But as soon as the smartphone was put for sale, it started doing great all over. During the pre-sales period, all the three models were sold way better compared to their predecessors S9 series.

Galaxy S10 series set some Records in the US and UK market as well

Samsung S10 is already very popular and has already broken several records. See here
Image credit- Samsung India

Even though samsung doesn’t have a great market share in the United States it does not anyhow mean that the Korean tech giant can not attract the buyers. According to a company’s spokesperson Galaxy S10+ alone in the United States has recorded 57 percent of all Galaxy S10 smartphones pre-sales.

Something similar result was noted in the United Kingdom market as the S10+ again outperformed by collecting 57 percent of the pre-orders. It was some record for the Samsung Galaxy S10+ as these markets are
not completely dominated by the samsung.

However, the Galaxy S10 trio has seen a disappointing opening in its home market. In Korea, the smartphone has recorded a lower pre-orders compared to the predecessor. But Samsung will hope that the sales will go up in the coming days and do better in the home market as well.


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