Samsung might merge the Galaxy S series and Note series very soon.

Samsung might merge the Galaxy S series and Note series very soon.

Samsung might merge the Galaxy S series and Note series very soon. Samsung up to this point has launched ten generations of Galaxy S-series flagships and nine generations of Galaxy Note-series phones which get launched at a gap of 6 months time period. But this might well be an end of the two of the most popular flagship series of smartphones as because Samsung is considering a merger between the two. This means a new flagship series will get a life and to be named as “Galaxy One” series.

The report has been released by Evan Blass,@evleaks, one of the Reliable tipster and to be precise, the Blass source says that the company’s top managers are discussing whether it is appropriate to propose a unified or unified line-up, but a final decision has not yet been taken.

For some time now, the two smartphone series have been similar to each other, but this year the phenomenon has been particularly marked. In case you did not know, the components of the Note 10 are almost the same as the Galaxy S10 only with some minor updates to the camera and the inclusion of the S Pen.

According to Evan Blass Samsung is considering of launching a single device in the first half of the year and the second half where we are used to see the launch of a Note series phone but next year that slot might well be taken by a foldable device, possibly a Galaxy Fold successor.

We know that the first generation had a few hitches, but the initial sales went pretty well for such a niche device.

Samsung Galaxy One could be a reality

If Samsung decides to carry out this merger, the new mobile could come to us between 2020 and 2021. In all sorts, the S and Note brands could disappear to give rise to the new Galaxy One line up . It is likely that Samsung has decided to reach the tenth edition of its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note to close with a flourish.

Talking about changes, we might well see the S Pen on a non-Galaxy Note series phone, starting with the “Galaxy One”. So, a Galaxy S10 successor that will come with a stylus in the first half of 2020 where we are used to see a S series smartphone. So, what about the second half, the one that is kept for a Galaxy Note-series phone?

In order for this strategy to be effectively implemented, certain conditions must be met which are not completely taken for granted. To begin with, the Fold must be successful – both in commercial terms and in terms of functionality. In short, the Galaxy Fold should come with all the problems sorted out and those who bought it must appreciate it.

But it would happen only if the sales perform to the tunes of Samsung’s expectations in terms of market reception as well as functionally. The New Galaxy One line up is all about shipment figures, while the Fold successor will depend to a large extent in the user experience and reception. But again, the plans are still in the early stages and may or may not materialise anytime soon.


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