Samsung Galaxy Z Flip shown on a leaked video. Here’s how it looks

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip shown on a leaked video. Here's how it looks
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip shown on a leaked video. Here's how it looks

We know leaks these days are trustworthy because many of the leaks have been reflected when a phone is actually launched. Before a phone gets launched the leak market always stays at the edge of the seat and that has been the exact case with the upcoming clamshell phone from Samsung rumored to be called Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. There have been so many leaks recently that it is clear that its official launch is not that far away.

On February 11 Samsung have a major mega-event Samsung Unpacked event where it is believed that the South Korean Giant will announce several new phones. It is almost certain that Samsung will launch its upcoming flagship – Samsung Galaxy S20 during the mega event, but at the same time it is also expected that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the company’s new folding device, will officially be announced.

A video of the Galaxy Z Flip was leaked where we can see in all its splendor its design, how it folds and its secondary screen. Are you eager to have a first look at the phone as well? It’s here right below.

This will be the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, according to a leaked video

Originally posted on Twitter by @BenGeskin, the leaked video lasts only 19 seconds and basically shows us how the Galaxy Z Flip folds. In that sense, as we already knew, the folding is shell type (like that of the Moto Razr ) and the device in that purple color reminds us a lot of the Game Boy Advance SP.

Another thing we noticed is that when the Galaxy Z Flip is closed it shows the time and other information of the mobile on the secondary screen. When it opens, that screen turns off, but the video shows that for a few seconds the information on the secondary screen is shown on the lock screen. It’s something that might look a bit weird at first, but it’s great and very intuitive.

All the specifications we know about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip shown on a leaked video. Here's how it looks

In addition to the aforementioned, the leaked video also confirms that the rumored specifications so far of the Galaxy Z Flip are very accurate, especially in regard to how long the screen is. If you don’t know them, here you have them:

  •  6.7 inches FHD+ AMOLED display with aspect ratio 22: 9  (2636 x 1080 pixels).
  • 1.06-inch Super AMOLED secondary display with a resolution of 300 x 116 pixels.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor.
  • Memory RAM 8 GB.
  • 256 GB internal storage with UFS 3.0.
  • Dual rear camera : 12 MP angular sensor + 12 MP wide angle sensor.
    Battery 3,300 mAh.

It is also expected to reach the market with a price that will be around $1500. A common price today for a folding device.

So what do think about the phone? Do tell us what you think about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip so far. Do you feel like buying one or do you think it will be another failure of folding technology?


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