Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Under-display camera and everything we know

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will come with next gen screen technology
Source- PhoneArena

As we still eagerly wait for the launch of the upcoming flagship the Samsung Galaxy S20, the rumors of another flagship phone from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 20 has already started to do rounds across the internet.

It is no secret that after a Galaxy S series, Samsung’s major flagship launch will be the Galaxy Note 20 with slightly better features and with the stylus called – S Pen- as its main attraction.

While not much information about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has been leaked, we already have some rumors that give us an idea of ​​how this device will be. Not all rumors may be true, but there are always one or two that hit the spot.

So, based on the information provided by PhoneArena, let’s see feature by feature how the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will be.

These are the possible features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20

 Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Before beginning let’s be clear that Samsung has confirmed absolutely nothing about the  Samsung Galaxy Note 20. These are simply rumors about the device and all the information we have is just based on speculation. That said, let’s know the specifications that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 could be packed with.

Galaxy Note 20 front camera and screen

Something that almost all mobile manufacturers are currently working on is creating phones with an all-screen view. That is, to completely eliminate the notch and that the screen frame occupies the minimum possible space. Some have already achieved this with a pop-up front camera that is hidden inside the mobile and comes out when needed. We have also seen some crazy experiments done already with the phones where the secondary camera would flip up and rotate and eventually act as the selfie camera to take selfies.

While Samsung on the Galaxy A80 used an emerging camera mechanism, the South Korean company does not seem very interested in any of these mechanisms for its flagships. In fact, rumors say that the Galaxy S20 will have a hole centered on the screen for the selfie camera, such as the Galaxy Note 10. However, this type of selfie camera is unlikely to be repeated on the Galaxy Note 20.

front camera and screen

What do we have left then? Well, it is very possible that Samsung is working on a camera that is hidden under the AMOLED screen of the Galaxy Note 20. Already some Chinese manufacturers have demonstrated how this technology works: the pixels of the screen that cover the hidden camera remains on when the camera is not needed and, when needed, turn off to make way for the camera. Some rumors point out that Samsung is testing this technology, although it is not known for which mobile.

Galaxy Note 20 design

 Samsung Galaxy Note 20

As for the design, we expect a natural evolution of the Galaxy Note 10 mixed with some aspects of the Galaxy S20. The Note series has been leaning towards a more sober and rectangular look lately, and we hope the Galaxy Note 20 maintains that trend. It is also expected to have a typical camera module in the rear, according to some rumors.

Processor and RAM

Obviously, the Galaxy Note 20 will use one of the most powerful processors this year. It is expected that in the units sold in the United States that processor will be the Snapdragon 865, which will be built by a 7 nm process in which extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) will be used, which will greatly facilitate and reduce its building. Some say that lithography also helps make the chip more efficient.

However, other rumors point out that the international version of the Galaxy Note 20 will use an Exynos processor built with the new 3 nm process. Although, if so, the international version and the American version of the Galaxy Note 20 would be very different, so it is more likely that the Exynos processor will also be built with a 7 nm process. Also, surely both chips will have support for 5G.

On the other hand, according to reports, these new chips will have compatibility with the new generation of LPDDR5X RAM, which will make multi-task functions even faster. In any case, this will not prevent Samsung from adding much RAM to its flagship, so we expect the Galaxy Note 20 to arrive with 12 GB of RAM.

Rear camera

 Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Currently, we are experiencing the war of megapixels and hybrid zooms in the smartphone market. Therefore, Samsung is expected to significantly improve these two aspects in the cameras of its new flagships, both in the Galaxy S20 and in the Galaxy Note 20. According to rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S20 + will have a 100x hybrid zoom, ability to record in 8K and an enhanced night mode. At the very least, those same features we hope to see in the camera of the Galaxy Note 20.

When will the Galaxy Note 20 be launched and at what price?

Over the years, Samsung has launched the Note series smartphones in August. So going by the tradition we can hope Samsung Galaxy Note 20 to be officially launched somewhere in August 2020. As for the price, again looking at the past phones of the Note series and the leaked prices of the Galaxy S20 series, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will be retailed between 1000 and 1400 USD.

But we hope  Samsung does something out of the box and launches this fabulous smartphone at a more aggressive price.

That’s what we have for you about this upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 phone.

So what do you expect from the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Do let us know by in the comment section below Cheers.


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