Realme X2 Pro: Launch Date, Price And Availability

Realme X2 Pro: Launch Date, Price And Availability

Realme is a brand that launches a phone every single month and it already has more than 15 smartphone launches in the past 16 months. The brand which was launched just a year as a sub-brand of Oppo has now emerged as one of the top players in the mobile world. And more so recently it has been gaining ground among budget, mid-range and entry-level smartphones especially in India and China.

However, although the main focus of this brand is low-cost mobiles with excellent quality/price ratio, such as Xiaomi with its Redmi, Mi and Poco phones, they are trying their luck with more ambitious equipment. Now Realme wants to have a taste of the Flagship phones as it prepares to launch its first-ever Flagship phone named – Realme X2 Pro that is a power-packed smartphone with features that bets on a solid performance and amazing design that is gonna make people fall in love.

Realme X2 Pro: Key Specifications

This mobile was officially announced just a couple of days ago and so far there is little we can assure, beyond that it will have a powerful Snapdragon 855 Plus and that will dazzle by its combination of 4 photographic sensors in the back, capable of taking photos with hybrid zoom 20x

Also, it will have a 90 Hz display , the refresh rate that is slowly becoming the norm, at least among this year’s high-end mobiles.

Despite the little information, knowing the specifications of Realme X2, launched in China last September and marketed in India a couple of weeks ago, under the name of Realme XT , it is likely that they have many aspects in common , both in design and specifications.

Although, it is also true that, from what the company has let us know, the Realme X2 Pro aims to be a true top of the range .

Realme X2 Pro: A Camera Beast

Realme X2 Pro: Launch Date, Price And Availability

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the Realme X2 Pro would be the quad camera. The 64 MP f / 1.8 main sensor offers images with an excellent level of detail. The macro lens has a 2.5 cm microscopic focal lens that makes very clear shots at close range. And the wide angle has a field of view of 115 degrees with which you can capture the entire scene.

Last but not least, it has the impressive hybrid sensor for zooming up to 20x which, in the absence of real tests, sounds quite promising. Realme also ensures that thanks to the large aperture and pixel size of this sensor you can capture good photos under poor lighting.

Price and availability

Although there is still no date, Realme wanted to make it clear in that that the phone would be launched globally and the that it will soon be available in India, so we could have it in a couple of weeks or even days.

With regard to the starting price, being a brand very similar to Xiaomi, in terms of models and prices, it is logical to think that this mobile will have a price very close to that of the Xiaomi K20 Pro as it will have the direct competition to the Redmi K20 Pro .

We will be attentive to the new announcements that the manufacturer will be giving in the next few days, until the phone is put on sale.


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