Pocophone F2 appears in a timeline of Xiaomi Product launches


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Pocophone F2 is one of the most waited phones in the history of smartphones.The Pocophone F1 was one of the best smartphones that was launched last year and to be honest, it is still capable of giving a tough run for its money to many leading smartphones currently available. The Poco F1 when launched packed with high-end features with a mid-range price left many with their mouth opened. It was a revolution that laid the foundations for some thing amazing that never happened to follow. The Xiaomi sub-brand Poco entered the pitch completely and despite having a design that doesn’t simply doesn’t inspire the premium look the poco F1 was a great success.

So after the Poco F1 now for months, we have waited for news about a Pocophone F2, and it seems that it is not arriving anytime soon and also we do not know anything about it officially. But now an image of the Xiaomi’s Global VP and head of Xiaomi India has been seen where a little clue regarding this phone may have been found and if that is something to go by its launch maybe scheduled for the this year itself.

A timeline shows the launch of the Pocophone F2

A timeline shows the launch of the Pocophone F2

In this image the head of Xiaomi India is seen discussing something with his counterpart, but just in the background there is a timeline with different annotations. Among these entries , the Pocophone F2 appears very small, or so it seems. According to the same timeline, it would be launched on the month of November , although we do not have official data on this.

On the other hand, it would not be strange if something like this happened since the Poco F1 was launched a long time ago and it is clear that it is a phone that will generate a hell lot of sales to the company. During the summer we have had some news about its screen protectors that would confirm its front design, but little else have we known.

We will see if the Pocophone F2 is finally launched this year and it surprises us all, what seems clear is that this smartphone continues to raise a lot of expectation with each news and there are many fans who are looking forward to the official announcement. We can only wait and see if Xiaomi and Poco has something for us in the table this November.


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