Poco F2 is finally coming, Now there are no more doubts

Poco F2

Poco F2 is coming. Finally. Yes, you read that right. Finally, there is something on whose behalf we can make a statement like this. In 2018 when the Poco F1 was launched many were left with their mouth opened after seeing the price and specifications. The phone was priced around Rs. 21,000 (290USD) which at that time was very much unexpected and with all the goods the phone just destroyed the competitors.

Xiaomi literally nailed it in terms of price and specifications like the Flagship level CPU, Sony sensor cameras and much more and all coming at a price way too lower than the flagships.

After the humongous success of the Poco F1, we all expected 2019 to be even more amazing as everyone was expecting the successor for the phone A.K.A Poco F2 to come with some more amazing specs and even better pricing.

2019 came and gone but a Poco F2 never came. But what 2019 brought was out of nowhere the Redmi k20 series that according to Xiaomi was its successor. But the price was high and the phone didn’t have the Poco branding. Even after the launch of the K20 series, there were rumors for the Poco F2 coming and going everywhere and a bunch of leaks which was never going to be real.

Finally, the year 2019 ended and all those who loved the Poco were left disappointed by Xiaomi ‘s decision not to launch its successor and to continue with the guessing game for 2020. Even in 2020, the Poco lovers are still waiting to witness a further jolt to the smartphone market that the Poco brings with it to make the phone a great buy.

Certain Confirmations for Poco F2

Now, a sort of confirmation has arrived to justify the rumors that the launch of Poco f2 is now near. In fact, in early December, Xiaomi registered the trademark Poco F2 with the China Trademark Office with number – 4280005.

Poco F2

In 2018 Xiaomi registered the POCO F1 brand in China in June, to then launch the device in August and, therefore, this new brand suggests that the launch of Poco F2 may be imminent.

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no official information on this aspect, as well as there are no forecasts on what could be its main characteristics.

In 2018 Poco F1 was launched with the same processor as top-of-the-range models such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 and OnePlus 6T but at a much lower price and the Poco fans will hope that Xiaomi will continue to stick with that policy for the Poco F2.


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