Oppo and Realme will soon completely part ways

Oppo and Realme will soon completely part ways

We all know that Realme and Oppo work together to bring out most of their devices to the market. In fact, Realme was launched as the sub-brand of Oppo last year and Without a doubt, both companies have made themselves known a lot during the last years. And now, it has been revealed that Realme wants to divorce Oppo and be an independent brand.

According to Chung Hsiang-Wei, the commercial director of Realme Taiwan, the company may work to build its own own ecosystem of devices as well as separate production lines from Oppo if the commercial scale continues to grow. The company aims to build a complete ecosystem with all kinds of products.

Realme to become an independent brand soon

Oppo and Realme will soon completely part ways

Currently Realme smartphones run Oppo ColorOS software with only a little customization and all the components used by Realme on their phones are supplied by Oppo.

However, the head of the company, Madhav Sheth said that although they share several resources with Oppo such as production and quality control, the company has its own R&D team.

Chung says that while Realme and Oppo are hand in hand, users of both brands do not overlap. While 60% of Oppo users are women, 60% of Realme users are men. In addition, he stressed that Oppo is moving towards the premium smartphone sector and that Realme wants to focus on younger users.

On the other hand, it seems that Realme is going more toward affordable 5G phones. The brand plans to launch the Realme X50 5G during 2020, the first of its mobiles that would offer compatibility with 5G technology.

Realme is all set to expand its product lines

Oppo and Realme will soon completely part ways

Chung also said the company has its sights set beyond the smartphone market. Realme plans to take advantage of other popular markets such as wireless headphones .

That does very much mean Realme could give good competition to Xiaomi, Samsung and other more recognized brands in the Android device market. Anyway, we will have to wait some time to know for sure what will happen between Realme and Oppo.


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