OnePlus 7 series will get the Android Pie Update on the same day with Google Pixel

Confirmed Smartphones that will get the Android 10 Update

In a short span of time, OnePlus smartphones have managed to catch the imagination of everyone around the globe. While the other brands provided smartphones with premium features at a much higher price, OnePlus brought that at a reasonable price that has helped the brand value to go up. With the launch of OnePlus 7 series with packed flagship features at a much cheaper price and amazing user experience, this smartphone brand has gone from strength to strength.

Now if that were not enough for you to choose the OnePlus ahead of other flagship devices we bring another reason why you have to purchase the OnePlus smartphone and save the hefty sum of money . The OnePlus 7 series is said to get the Android 10 on the same day as the Google Pixels.

Android Q, which is now dubbed as Android 10 is expected to be released on September 3 and of course we knew the first of the devices to get the update would be the Google Pixel devices.

Many assumed that OnePlus will need a few weeks to stabilize its OxygenOS to Android Pie 10 but now we have a different scene al together as the Chinese company intends to roll out its update on that same date. Incredible, eh?

The OnePlus 7 line up will receive Android 10 together with Google Pixel

All this information was revealed on Reddit by a discussion that an anxious user had with a OnePlus customer service representative. He answered that brand wants to provide an update simultaneously with the launch of Android 10. However, how much truth lies behind that is still unknown.

And if there were any doubts, the customer service specialist confirmed that Android 10 will arrive on September 3 at OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro. Although there is no way to check if the information is true, everything indicates that OnePlus flagships will receive the new version of the operating system at the same time as the Pixels.

There had to be someone that is able to bring the Android update on the same day Google Pixel gets the update and this seems to be happening finally with the arrival of Android Pie. On the other hand, the OxygenOS customization layer is not very different from the stock Android.

And you, do you think the Android 10 update reaches the OnePlus the same day as the Pixels?


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