Now Easily read deleted WhatsApp messages with the help of these tricks

deleted WhatsApp messages

Since the feature of deleting a message on the receiver’s end was implemented on WhatsApp, there have been many cases in which users have deleted WhatsApp messages important information by mistake or intentionally. I’m sure many of you have had the same problem at least once on your WhatsApp journey. But that does not have to be a problem anymore, as there are currently many tools that offer solutions when this occurs.

In this article, we will tell you about two wonderful Android applications to read deleted WhatsApp messages the sender deletes on WhatsApp. Below we have provided the information and the option to install the apps easily on your smartphone.

Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages


WAMR, is an application that allows users to recover messages deleted by their partner, friends or other contacts through WhatsApp (although it can also work on Telegram or Facebook Messenger). The creators of the app even claim that with this application it is possible to recover other types of files, such as voice memos, images, and videos. Its operation is extremely simple.

The app does not recover deleted messages but captures notifications on your device. That is, when a user deletes a WhatsApp message before you open the application, WAMR will notify you if it could collect the information before it was deleted and will show it to you. You should know that if a chat is muted or you have it open when the message is deleted, the app will not be able to save the notification.

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However, not all is good news since, according to the opinion of data protection experts, users may be giving up the privacy provided by WhatsApp and other messaging platforms, when using this application. And is that users who install WAMR must grant permissions to the app, which could compromise the data operated by other applications.

WhatsRemoved +

This is another fantastic free app to recover WhatsApp messages that have been deleted. Although WhatsRemoved + was originally designed to detect deleted WhatsApp messages, it now supports many other applications.

Developer: Development Colors
Price: Free+
  • WhatsRemoved+ Screenshot
  • WhatsRemoved+ Screenshot
  • WhatsRemoved+ Screenshot
  • WhatsRemoved+ Screenshot
  • WhatsRemoved+ Screenshot

To use this application just follow the simple steps mentioned below –

  • Download and install the WhatsRemoved + app from the Play Store.
  • Grant all the permissions asked by the application.
  • Choose the application installed that you want to link to WhatsRemoved + app on your Android device to receive alerts when another user deletes a message or file that you have sent.

You can also choose if you want the application to notify you only when the messages are deleted and even, you have the option to change the folders where the information will be downloaded. You can download this app for free through Google Play.


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