Mozilla will provide a free Firefox VPN, and you can try it right now

Mozilla will provide a free Firefox VPN, and you can try it right now

Mozilla is all set to launch free Firefox VPN and currently it is on test mode. It is not available to users except the users in United States and it is soon expected that Mozilla will roll out the feature for everyone once it is ready and bug free.

Mozilla has brought back the Firefox Test Pilot program that allows users to test new features before they are ready for mainstream usage. Mozilla has resumed this initiative and its new first project is a free VPN for Firefox and as much as we know till now, it is very easy to activate. So keep reading the article and learn everything in detail.

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Well, for starters, this program was launched by Mozilla way back in 2016, and it quickly became the incubation ground for a number of new features but it is now again set to be resumed with different and lot of new features. From now on, Test Pilot will be focused on products that are almost ready for public consumption, not experiments.

Everything about the Firefox VPN

Everything about the Firefox VPN

The company had decided to close its program in January of this year, but now again the company has announced that it is bringing back the Firefox Test Pilot program in a surprising move. So why did Mozilla bring Firefox Test Pilot program back? It is because the company took into account the valuable comments from the community and this made Mozilla to revert its decision. Thanks to this, Mozilla took time to develop the program and do something different, an easy-to-use VPN.

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The creators of this browser ensure that all the functions of the Firefox Test Pilot program will be one step below the general public launch. Simply put, they will be sufficiently polished and functional.

The Firefox VPN is a Firefox Test Pilot program project because the Mozilla team wants to fine tune it a bit more before its public launch.

FYI, this private Firefox network does not seek to circumvent geographic restrictions, but will give users access to their private network when they are in a Public WiFi and help ththeem hide their locations.

Mozilla is partnering with Cloudflare for firefox vpn

Mozilla is partnering with Cloudflare to provide you with the proxy server for your VPN. Even if it is only available as a Firefox extension in its desktop version, nobody takes away the possibility that it will soon reach the Android application.

On the other hand, Opera is another browser that incorporates this function a long time ago. In addition, it is likely that many of its users have it installed only by their VPN since it allows them to establish their location in America, Europe or Asia.

To try the Firefox VPN beta programme which is called Firefox Test Pilot program you can sign up from here

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