Microsoft Reveals Xbox Scarlett At E3 2019


The new Xbox is coming, and for the moment it’s been given the name of Xbox Scarlett. As we were expecting Microsoft made the official announcement of the next generation of Xbox at the E3 2019. It also brought us the first few details about the new generation Xbox. Codenamed as Scarlett the release date of Xbox is kept during the Holiday 2020.

After Sony’s much-anticipated PS5 and Google’s Stadia, and now it’s time for the Microsoft with its new powerful monster to show its mettle.

And it really looks like a monster of power on paper. As we can see in the video about 120 fps, maximum supported 8K resolution, SSD and everything you could imagine at the hardware level to make it almost perfect.

But let’s proceed step by step. Behind the new console lies the same development team as Xbox One X and the new Elite Controller 2, which we will discuss in a separate section.


Let’s start with the hardware features and make a summary of what has been said. Apparently, Xbox Project Scarlett will share the same processor and the same “graphics card” with PlayStation 5 called CPU built with Zen 2 architecture and Navi GPU.

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In the video, there was the talk of 4 times the power of an Xbox One X, but 24 TFLOPS seem really too many even for a console, as long as the power video meant graphics power. It must be said, however, that if Project Scarlett actually manages to support a maximum resolution of 8K and as much as 120 fps of frame rate so much graphics power seems justified.

However, considering that with PS5 it shares CPU and GPU and that in the case of the Sony console we are talking about 13/14 TFLOPS dev-kits we do not know what to think about it.

XBOX Packs a Bunch of Features

There has also been talk of a high refresh rate, which leads us to think of support for the HDMI 2.1 standard (4K at 120 Hz) and Ray Tracing, exactly like on PlayStation 5.

And as for the storage memory, we get a Super-customized SSD able to completely reduce loading times (in the video we talk about the SSD used as virtual RAM).

Xbox Scarlett Features

Microsoft Reveals Xbox Scarlett At E3 2019

CPU: AMD Zen architecture 2
Internal memory: custom SSD
FPS: up to 120
Resolution: up to 8K
TFLOPS: 24 (?)
Other: ray tracing support, HDMI 2.1 (4K @ 120Hz)

Xbox Scarlett Games

At the moment there is only one game that was actually announced for Xbox Project Scarlett and is Halo Infinite. We’ve talked about it in a dedicated article you find here. However, the new Halo will also come on the current Xbox generation. Halo Infinite will be released along with Xbox Project Scarlett, which leads us to talk about the release date of the new Microsoft console.

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Release Date

This what we saw here is just a preview of what lies ahead in the future. The new Xbox will arrive on the market towards the end of 2020. Microsoft confirmed that the new Xbox Scarlett is set to be presented in “holiday 2020”, so we expect to see it coming on sale towards the end of November 2020, probably.


There is no word about the price of Xbox Scarlett as of now neither Phil Spencer or any other Microsoft members who introduced us to Project Scarlett have talked about the price. But we imagine that the price of the Xbox Scarlett to be something around Rs. 50,000 – 60,000 considering the pricing strategy of the company

Xbox Scarlett Trailer


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