Meet Samsung Neon humanoid, Samsung’s realistic artificial human

Meet Samsung Neon humanoid, Samsung's new realistic digital human avatars

Samsung, known for its innovation and excellence, has been on a roll at CES 2020. It officially announced the new Galaxy S10 Lite and Note10 Lite and the launch date of the Galaxy S20.  Samsung at CES 2020, has now unveiled to the world its new products, Samsung Neon humanoid, which is the new invention of the Korean firm between a very intelligent SIM and an artificial human.

Few days Android Authority pointed out that Samsung will unviel an artificial human and here it is. The Korean giant, which has also shown an intelligent underline and an invisible keyboard for mobile phones, is rocking at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020, which is being held in Las Vegas. They have showcased the first artificial human dubbed as Neon, the first artificial human in the world that the company itself describes as a “virtual being created computationally”.

Neon is a virtual being, which results from a mix between a very intelligent SIM and an artificial human, but which are not physically real . The company has explained that, unlike Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa-style virtual assistants, Neon is able to establish realistic communication with the user, complete with emotional responses such as laughter, sadness or sympathy, among others. In addition, all the responses of these “artificial humans” feel natural since there is hardly a latency of only a few milliseconds during the conversation.

Samsung Neon humanoid, the first artificial human in the world


It has also been announced that each Neon is unique since they have their own personality and even occupation. That is, there is from a yoga instructor to a model or a K-pop star, among many others. The company has also clarified that, although each Neon seems to be based on a real human, it is not so, since they are completely artificial and are constructed from computer algorithms.

The firm has big plans for these “artificial humans,” since they claim that the big dream is for a Neon to be a famous celebrity, such as a movie star or a news anchor. At the moment it is time to wait for the manufacturer to offer more information about these “artificial humans”, in addition to revealing all their characteristics.


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