Low-Priced Netflix India plans And New Netflix Multiple Subscription Plans

Netflix India plans, Netflix Subscription Plans

As much as Netflix invests in original content or in acquiring the content rights, it also invests a lot to give some best Netflix subscription plans. The company’s Netflix India plans have been a huge success and now it is providing even more options for users to subscribe to its services.

In a world where competition abounds, the niche of internet streaming services is right up the top. This forces companies to bring new sales strategies to increase their presence and income. Netflix knows it very well, and that is why Netflix has decided to lower its subscription plans, in several ways and one being discounts on the Netflix subscription plans.

Subscribe For Several Months And Save Hefty Money

Since December of last year, the company started new NetFlix India plans for a new marketing strategy for its service. It is offered to new users of the platform and is based on the concept of multiple subscription offers.

For starters, for three months, a  20% discount will be applied to the final price. For six months the discount amounts to 30%, and for a year of NetFlix India plans only 50% of the original total is to be paid.

This is a sales strategy widely used on the internet, as well as in games with microtransactions, so it is not surprising that Netflix has done the same.

Netflix India plans (Mobile plan) will reach the rest of the world

Another news related to Netflix discounts takes up a strategy adopted in India in the middle of last year. In an attempt to penetrate the Indian market strongly, Netflix launched its mobile-only plan . With a price of just 199 rupees (about 3 USD) per month, the streaming giant wanted to conquer a market in which 478 million people have smartphones, and it succeeded.

Low-Priced Netflix India plans And New Netflix Multiple Subscription Plans

According to Mihir Shah, vice president of Media Partners Asia for India, by the end of 2019 about 50% of new subscriptions to the service, in India, went through the mobile plan. This abrupt success meant the company would try the same Netflix subscription plans in other countries as well. Thus Netflix launched the same plan in Malaysia, at a price of about 4 USD

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Now, the company confirms that it expects to expand this NetFlix subscription plan to other markets in the coming months. The profits would not be the same for the company, but they would ensure their presence on a platform that is increasingly used around the planet.

India is the country for testing everything

Low-Priced Netflix India plans, Netflix Subscription Plans

The case of India is worth analyzing for many niches. OnePlus owes much of its success to them, and initiatives like Android GO were originally born for India. More and more companies are posing their eyes to this constantly growing economy.

Subscription based internet streaming services in this Asian country is a great opportunity to increase their income. While the average price of services in India is very low compared to those of other major world economies, it is a very large market.

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In addition, they are the users who spend more time on mobile phones across the planet. According to a report by consultant Ernst and Young (India), Indians spend 30% of their time on mobile phones, and 70% of their data plan is consumed in entertainment.

Hopefully, this new strategy will be successful, and we will see it soon in the rest of the world. The Netflix India plans is a successful stint and there’s no way it is going to be any different in other parts of the globe.


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