Leak : Is this the design of PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5

The speculation about Sony’s PlayStation 5 plans seems to find fuel almost every day and now a new contender has joined the fray. This time around, a leak of the alleged design patent has been doing rounds on the internet and claims this to be the final consumer version of the PlayStation 5.

In an exclusive received by colleagues from the Norwegian magazine CCN, what appears to be the extract of a patent containing the design of the next Sony PlayStation 5 console. It could be the first look at the lines of the next-gen console which will debut in December 2020.

PlayStation 5 Design Patent

PlayStation 5 patent

The images shown here in the article have also appeared on the famous 4chan website, a sort of huge billboard/bulletin board where everyone can post anything, without filters, and often without the possibility of tracing the source of the person who posts.

Since the platform is often used to deceive, or troll, its users or the Internet in general, we can only remember that the legitimacy of the images cannot be guaranteed, we, therefore, recommend you take this information with a pinch of salt.

The design of the PlayStation 5 seems at times to resume the stylistic language of the PlayStation 4, while there are some elements that seem quite in contrast with what is expected from Sony.

As demonstrated by the presentation of the PS5 logo during the CES in Las Vegas, Sony Entertainment Inc. is always very conservative from the point of view of design, so there may be some truth in these images; on the other hand, many of the elements have an identical layout to that of PS4, such as the side fans, the Power and Disc / Eject buttons, in addition to the input for Blue-Ray DVDs.

Sony ps4 patent

The picture shown above takes the PS5 on another form as if two parallelograms were superimposed, mirroring each other. Seen in this way, from this angle, the design seems to make sense, with the buttons and the PS5 logo placed in the visible part. To corroborate these schemes, which we remember, it seems to be in all respects similar to those used for technical reports during the approval of a patent, there would be another image that would show the design of the next PlayStation 5.

Is this a Mock-Up image?


PlayStation 5

Unfortunately, this image is  very blurry and low-quality image, which does not allow you to conclude anything. Well it could be a mock-up, or a fake made ad-hoc, nobody can say for sure.

We will continue to report news about PlayStation 5 and its next design, but for the moment that’s all we have for you. Tell us about this hypothetical design? Do you think the PS5 will be like this? Let us know your opinion in the comment box.

Source – 4chan / CCN



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