Instagram Augmented Reality now allows you to try clothes before buying


Every day we see reports on a tremendous growth on the number of people who prefer to buy online than in a conventional store. This phenomenon has made the technology grow and adapt to the needs of the buyers. To make life more easy for the online buyers Instagram now allows you to try clothes before buying . With this new technology with Instagram augmented reality , you can know how a product will look without having to buy it . Without a doubt, it is a very good innovation that will make life easier for many people.

If you didn’t know, Instagram has an online store called Checkout. However, at the moment it only operates within the United States . Checkout helps brands to sell directly through Instagram posts with a direct link in which the price appears and you can add the product to the cart. The new AR feature is initially limited to cosmetics and eyewear brands, but we will see the features for more products over time.

Instagram has added a new “try now” feature for a better experience of the online buyers. This allows you to use the front camera to modify the image and show you what you want to buy. Thanks to this, you can see how you have a product before paying . One of the most useful augmented reality functions so far!

Try the new Instagram Augmented Reality feature for different products

If you liked sunglasses, Instagram will detect your face and give you a virtual view of the product . So you can see if they fit you or if there are other glasses that could make you look better.

When it comes to lipsticks, the app also detects the position of the lips and changes their color automatically . Without a doubt, it is a good thing that companies that sell beauty products should take advantage of.

In addition, you will have the possibility to take a photo, and share it in Instagram stories . In this way, you will know what your friends think about that product that you are about to buy.

Although nothing compares to trying the product in person, this new Instagram feature will help you really know how you look for what you are going to buy . As you could see, it is a great novelty that reaches one of the most popular social networks in the world.

How, only few brands are using this feature at this time . Why? Because they have to design a three-dimensional model of their products. However, we are sure that over time the number of brands that take advantage of this augmented reality function will increase.

Using this technology is fashionable. We recently told you that Facebook is creating Ray Ban glasses with augmented reality and now comes this new Instagram Augmented Reality now allows you to try clothes before buyingfeature. What do you think about this new feature. Let us know in the comment section below.


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