Huawei Watch GT Review: Best Battery Smartwatch?


Huawei Watch GT Review

The smartwatch market is up and running but the most common issue in a smartwatch is the battery and Huawei Watch GT looks to address this issue to a great amount with its long-lasting battery. This new Huawei Watch GT then go on a somewhat different path, entering the company’s line of wrist products with its own OS. Let’s find out what this smartwatch can offer more than the competitor.

Huawei Watch GT Packaging

 Huawei Watch GT Packaging

Inside the box you will find the magnetic charging base (thankfully with USB-C port), the charging cable and the watch. A power supply is not provided and you will then need to connect it to one in your possession.

Construction and Fit

Huawei Watch GT Review

Huawei Watch GT, like most smartwatches on the market, unfortunately, has a typically male design. This is not a bad thing in itself, but certainly, it’s very aggressive and sports watch shapes will not make it easier for women to sport. However, there is no doubt that the Huawei Watch GT is a beautiful watch and thanks to a remarkable, only 10.6 mm, it allows it to be one of the most comfortable smart watches ever.

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The silicone strap is also just as comfortable, it never releases or disturbs you when you wear it. Moreover, it is very light, only 46 grams (without strap). It is made of metal with a ceramic front ring. On the right side, we find then two physical keys. The watch is then water resistant up to 5 atmospheres, making the Huawei Watch GT also suitable for swimming.

Huawei Watch GT Hardware

Huawei Watch GT has extremely simple hardware, but no less interesting, especially from the sport point of view. We have 128 MB of internal memory and 16 MB of RAM.

Two pieces of information that are completely in themselves and only useful to describe how this product is absolutely out of the box of the classics. It is obviously equipped with a Bluetooth connection for connection to a smartphone. Huawei Watch GT comes with all the basic sensors such as barometers, accelerators, and gyroscopes to measure movement and displacement with maximum precision. Added to this is the precise heartbeat sensor on the bottom. Finally, GPS is present, even assisted by GLONASS and Galileo.

Huawei Watch GT Display

Huawei Watch GT Display

The Huawei smartwatch is equipped with a 1.39 ″ display in AMOLED technology and 454 × 454 pixel resolution. It is without a doubt a very good display, bright and perfectly visible even under the sun. Even the resolution is higher than average and the glass does not hold the fingerprints very much, thus also helping to ensure very good visibility. The only flaw is the absence of an always on mode that always shows the time. Fortunately, turning the display back on with a wrist rotation is very precise.

Huawei Watch GT Software

Huawei Watch GT sees a proprietary operating system made by Huawei pre-installed inside the device. The cons of this choice are the absence of applications or dials to install, but the advantage we will find it all shortly speaking of battery and obviously the main screen is the quadrant you have chosen.

By scrolling sideways you will get a real-time summary of the heart rate (recorded all day), the weather and a summary of physical activity during the day. The dials are only 12 but they are all very beautiful and above all rich in information. They are divided between the more classic ones with the hands to the digital ones that instead show mainly information on fitness.

By pressing the physical key you access the list of applications, where we find the start of the training sessions, the summary of the training sessions, the summary of the fitness and the daily activity. Other features include sleep tracking, the barometer, the compass, the stopwatch, the timer and the alarm.

Finally, among the ancillary functions we find that to find the calls and messages notification and notifications of inactivity. On the goodness of the fitness functions you will find a few words spent more in the video but it is undoubtedly a product that satisfies the majority of users, guaranteeing support for a large number of sports and offering much information even during physical activity (even with the screen that turns off when you don’t use it).

The detection of the position and the height difference is very precise, as well as the detection of the heartbeat also appears correct.

Another good thing is the tracking of sleep that starts automatically, but that does not always seem to show perfectly how much sleep is agitated. Even the notification of inactivity does not seem perfect, with reports even when we have already stood up for a few minutes.

You will receive notifications of calls but you can only hang up (for receiving the call you’ll need the phone) and those of messages. In this case, you can choose from the application on the smartphone which applications receive these notifications by choosing from all those available on the smartphone.

The notifications are shown in real time and are clearly legible, although it is not possible to interact with them in any way and they are differentiated with the icon of the application that generated them.

Huawei Watch GT

Also the software for Android (at least 4.4) and iOS (at least 9) is good and shows in great detail all the data of the collected fitness. Everyone focuses precisely on fitness, showing you information on the steps taken, the unevenness achieved, the sleep slept and your physical activity sessions.

Everything is still fluid despite the hardware and think that everything is managed with 16MB of RAM in 2019 makes you smile.


The battery of this Huawei Watch GT is surprising. There is the talk of two weeks of battery on a single charge, keeping it active even at night to track sleep. With active GPS, our measurement detects about 7% of autonomy lost every hour, a very good result. Moreover, the charging with the magnetic charging base is quick, taking less than 2 hours to load from 0 to 100%.

Huawei Watch GT Price

Huawei Watch GT is priced at Rs. 20,990 however you can find the product at around Rs.14,500 on Amazon India. There are several colors available for Huawei Watch GT and prices may vary according to the color and sometimes the price may come down as well. For this, we recommend you to keep an eye on the box below which will be updated in real time.

Huawei Watch GT Final Thoughts

The Huawei Watch GT has excellent battery life you don’t get with most of the top players. If you are looking for a smartwatch with advanced fitness tracker with basic notifications and a battery that lasts for weeks instead of hours, Huawei Watch GT is made for you.

The part of the notifications is a bit sacrificed, but it must be not a problem for many possible buyers considering the price and the impressive battery.


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