Huawei has started work on 6G. But will need 10 years.


We are still to see 5G in many countries and it is said that Huawei has already started working on 6G. The company’s CEO, Ren Zhengfei, revealed this during n interview with CNBC news media.

Although 5G is not yet widespread and is only available in very few countries and devices, Huawei is already working on the next-gen – 6G. Ren Zhengfei, was spotted talking about this during an interview with CNBC news media.

Zhengfei admitted that Huawei started working together on the 5G and 6G connectivities. Huawei have been researching 6G for a long time, although it would not be ready anytime soon. 6G is at a very early stage of development and it will take at least 10 years for it to be commercially ready.

“We have parallel work being done on 5G and 6G, so we started out 6G a long time ago,” Ren said during a CNBC-hosted panel on Thursday. He said it’s in an “early phase” and there’s still “a long way to go” before commercialization.

Ren said the technology is still “ten years out.”

The 6G is too far: Huawei is focusing on the 5G

The 6G is too far:  Huawei is focusing on the 5G

Ren Zhengfei had already confirmed that Huawei is focusing its efforts on spreading 5G connectivity when it said that cheap 5G mobiles will come out in 2020 . In the interview with the CNBC, he again stressed that the company is working hard to extend 5G, but also revealed that they are still investigating 6G connectivity. It is already said that the 6G will reach download speeds of up to 1 Tbps .

According to the statements of the CEO, we must wait for the 5G to generalize first and then start talking seriously about 6G. Let’s not forget that many things have to happen before 6G becomes a reality . For any new generation of mobile network, the industry must set standards and the necessary standards could take years to establish. In addition, we still do not know what it will be for or why we will need 6G connectivity.

So, although it is good news that Huawei is already thinking about 6G, do not get excited because it will take a long time to arrive. For now, Huawei is still working on 5G devices as its latest flagship the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

Source – CNBC


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