How To Enable Hidden Instagram Filters

Hidden Instagram Filters

Hidden Instagram Filters | It has been a while since Instagram started the stories section and at initial stages, the options that were given to users for personalizing them were not many. Only Some effect, a few color filters and little were provided for the user to play with.

Over time, this has changed for good. Instagram is constantly updated and this makes it receive new features so that the photo-sharing giant can be ahead of its competitors.

One of the news that the app has received in recent weeks, is related to the hidden instagram filters in the stories. From today, and on almost any device, users can access these filters to use them in their stories.

There are hidden filters inside Instagram

Unlike the filters that are officially launched by Instagram, those that are created by other people do not appear on the main screen of the camera of the stories within the social network.

To be able to use the hidden Instagram filters , you must follow the steps provided below:

hidden Instagram filters
  • Open the Instagram camera and click on the icon of the face shown in the lower right of the screen.
  • Now, you will have to select one of the filters that appear at the bottom. Once you have chosen the filter, press on it for a long time.
  • Finally, click the Browse effects button.
  • You can now see a whole lot of hidden Instagram filters that you can use for your stories.

Every week new filters are available

It should be noted that this section of hidden filters is updated often. Even if you wish, you can go one by one to find out if there is any type of filter or effect that interests you.

In case you like a filter, just click on it to use it in an Instagram story. Moreover, you can save the filter in the camera to use it on another occasion if you want to.


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