How To Enable Dark Theme Mode On Android 10


The Android 10 (Android Q) brings in the much anticipated Dark theme mode, a feature that has been the most demand for the Android Phones. The android developers have been teasing us with the dark theme for the last couple of years but every time the new version of Android was rolled out the dark theme kept on missing, but finally with the Android 10 comes the dark theme which is here to stay.

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The dark theme makes the text of some applications turns white, the background black, and everything becomes easier to read at night.In addition to this, the dark theme will also help to save the battey on your device. So we are here again to tell you about how to activate the dark theme on Android 10

How to turn on the dark theme from settings Android 10

  • Tap the Settings icon on your phone.
  • Tap on the display option.
  • To finish, just tap the dark theme toggle to turn it on.
android 10 dark theme

As you can see, it is a very easy process that takes place in a matter of seconds.

How to add Dark theme to Quick Settings

There is also a quick setting for turning on- off the dark mode so that you don’t have to dig in the phone’s setting evertytime you want to turn it on or off.

  • First, pull down the top of your screen twice to access the Quick Settings feature.
  • Find the pencil icon, and then tap on it, in the bottom left corner of the Quick Settings screen.
  • Now find the dark theme icon that shows up at the bottom. Just drag and drop that icon into the Quick Settings button order.
  • You can now easily access the dark by just swiping down the top of the screen when desired to turn on or turn off the dark theme.
android 10 dark theme

That’s how you can turn on the dark mode with two ways on any device with Android 10. Are you excited to use this new feature when you get the OS update?


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