Graphene Batteries: Charge Smartphones in seconds that last for many days

Graphene Batteries: Charge Smartphones in seconds that last for many days
Graphene Batteries: Charge Smartphones in seconds that last for many days

Graphene Batteries in a smartphone is going to be the future. All the Current smartphone batteries are made of lithium ions and this has been like this for a long time. They have worked well so far and they have been improving . However, technology is characterized by innovating / evolving. Therefore, we are always looking for ways to make things better, either for competitiveness or for simple efficiency.

In the case of batteries, it seems inevitable that, no matter how much mobile battery improves, we as a smartphone user will always want more . Now it is pretty easy to find smartphones that last a day, a day and a half or up to two days. But, imagine a future in which the battery of your mobile easily exceeds three days, take less to charge and have a longer life. Well, with graphene batteries this future is possible .

What is graphene?

Graphene Batteries: Charge Smartphones in seconds that last for many days

After reading the above, you might be wondering what is graphene? And if it’s as good as it seems, why don’t we still have it? Well, to answer this let’s start with the basics. Graphene is a material made with carbon atoms . Just like coal or diamond … There is not much mystery here. What does make this material interesting is the spatial arrangement of carbon atoms.

In graphene, carbon atoms are strongly linked together by covalent bonds, adopting a hexagonal structure. This union is so strong that it makes the atomic structure bidimensional , almost like a sheet. That is the key to many of its physical properties.

It is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity , quite flexible and at the same time very resistant and lightweight. These are all characteristics that make it the ideal choice to manufacture high performance batteries.

But that been said why even in 2020 we don’t have the first mobile phones with graphene batteries . Well we answer that below for you.

Why don’t we have Graphene Batteries yet?

Graphene Batteries

The answer is simple, it is very expensive to produce these batteries . This makes it unfeasible to do it commercially. However, the advantages associated with this future technology are so promising that many manufacturers, including Samsung, are still betting heavily on the development of graphene batteries . In fact, in 2017 Samsung announced that by 2020 we would probably see its first mobile phone with graphene battery , which fills us with great expectation.

This is not surprising, in a market that is too much saturated , the manufacturer that can bring innovation will gain an advantage over the others . And with that, more revenue.

Graphene batteries are the next big step?

It is what we all want. Undoubtedly, graphene batteries could be the future . And we do not say that they will be because we still have to see if they will be able to find the magic formula that allows them to lower production costs . Otherwise, this would only be a simple illusion.

Perhaps, we should wait even longer to see these batteries come true . Meanwhile, it only remains to imagine what it would be like to have lighter equipment, with surprising battery and loading speed and a dream life.

Do you think mobile phones with graphene batteries end up becoming real? We would be a significant advance in the mobile industry.

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