Google do away with desserts as Android Q becomes Android 10

Google do away with desserts as Q becomes Android 10

Android Q becomes Android 10 – Mark the date 22-08-2019 on your calendar, because this date marks the end of an era. We are saying this because a tradition that was going on for the past 10 years has now been ended. Google announced that Android Q will not be named after any dessert and we are still not able to sink in.

In a totally surprising move, Google announced that it’s the latest version of its mobile operating system to change several things . While one might expect the changes to be related to the technical section, the thing goes the other way. One of the changes that are going to be applied, or would already be applied, is the decision to discontinue the names of desserts in the nomenclature of your mobile operating system .

And seeing this one wonders. How necessary is this change? For Google it seems so …

Android Q will now be called as Android 10

 Android Q will  be called as Android 10

The new version of Android will be the first to be known exclusively by name , something that we can see for several years on iOS and Windows.

For Google, the name of Android was complicated to use in many countries, and this made the brand as such, that is, Android, not feel the same in all markets.

Another of the changes confirmed by Google is that from 2021 the name of your mobile operating system will change from number to number .

What does this mean? This means that the next versions will continue with the number of Android 10, that is: Android 11, Android 12 and so on .

Logo and Typography has changed as well

Google did not stop here with the name change of Android, they also announced that the logo and some colors of it have been changed, as well as the typography.

In the video you can see Google shows how the evolution of the brand has been in the last decade. And if you look closely in detail, the logo is now always displayed next to the icon of the famous android, although with a slightly different green than we were used to.

Without much more to add, what do you have to say about these moves by Google? Leave us a message so we can discuss this interesting change that took the entire Android community by surprise.


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