Google Assistant will now Send And Read WhatsApp messages For You

Google Assistant will now be able to read whatsapp messages

Google is adding new features to the Google assistant very consistently and it is no secret that Google is looking to improve the Assistant. Over time, this tool has seen many upgrades and one of them is enhanced with artificial intelligence that has evolved a lot. The statement is backed by the fact that Google assistant will be able to read WhatsApp and Telegram messages.

Earlier the assistant was already able to read you the content of SMS messages and Hangouts. However, it was not able to read messages from third-party applications. Luckily, this is already changing thanks to the major improvement from Google.

Google Assistant can read messages from third-party apps

Google Assistant can read messages from third-party apps

The Google Assistant will now be able to read text messages found in applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, Discord, GroupMe and more. In addition, it will also allow you to dictate an answer to answer immediately.

If you want to carry out this work, you must activate the assistant and say “read my messages”. For this feature to work you will have to allow the application to access your notifications. Then you can ask the virtual assistant to read your messages, the application will show you a card with the text content.

The wizard will read the message including the name of the sender and the application it comes from. Then it will give you an option to dictate an answer or write one. After sending the response, the message is sent immediately and the text is marked as read.

The assistant, however, will not read messages that contain multimedia files such as photos, voice memos or videos. Instead, it will tell you that “the message contains an attachment.” But Google could make it possible for your assistant to play audio files in the future.

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As you could see, Google assistant has better functions every time. Undoubtedly, the Search giant does it always the best way and within its reach so that its tool continues to innovate.

And what do you think of this new feature by Google?


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