FIFA 20 To Come with VOLTA Mode: News, Release Date Other Details

FIFA 20 To Come with VOLTA Mode: News, Release Date Other Details

As anticipated by the leak of a couple of days ago, FIFA 20 will indeed arrive on the market on 27 September 2019 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. At the moment Nintendo Switch has not been named among the platforms on which FIFA 20 will be launched on the official website, but on Amazon, it is already in pre-order.

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We expect to see FIFA 20 also arrive on Google Stadia, given that EA and EA Sports are among the partners reported by Google. This year, EA Romania and EA Vancouver are in charge of the chapter.

The announcement of the release date comes through the very first official trailer published by EA, which anticipates among other things the EA Play.

Returning to FIFA 20, the graphics engine used seems the usual Frostbite, which in recent years has given us satisfaction on more than one occasion.

EA but this time seems to focus at the level of the game, or rather, of game modesDescribing it in very few words, “Create your player, customize it and express your style in soccer fields around the world.”



The VOLTA mode wants to project again the game of football in the streets, with that culture, creativity, and style of the games “in reduced ranks” that are played in the suburbs, in the 5-a-side football fields and similar scattered all over the world.

It will, therefore, be possible to create and customize your own player, choosing sex, clothes, hairstyle and many other cosmetic elements (emotes, tattoos and so on).

From here it is clear that there will be mechanics to unlock objects linked to progress in the game and to micro-transactions. The soccer fields on which to compete will be literally scattered all over the world – from the subways in Amsterdam to the “cages” of London, on the roofs of Tokyo and so on.

There will be 3v3 Rush, 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5 and even Professional Futsal competitions in FIFA 20. The size of the arenas is therefore also changing. To season it all there will also be a real VOLTA-style story mode that will see us control our character or a team towards VOLTA Kick-Off.

While waiting to learn more about FIFA 20 we leave you with the first trailer published by EA and with relating to the VOLTA mode.



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