Have you tried the new SwiftKey toolbar yet? Take a look here

Did you try the new SwiftKey toolbar yet? Take a look here
Did you try the new SwiftKey toolbar yet? Take a look here

There was a time where Android keyboards were so little customizable and Gboard of Google was still a dream, SwiftKey was the only major salvation for those who wanted something more in terms of performance and customization.

The new SwiftKey toolbar comes with the limited  customization options

Recently the developer team of the famous Android keyboard, SwiftKey released the update to version which brings a new toolbar. This, unlike what was present in previous versions of the app, now sees the presence of only five custom icons and a fixed, non-removable support button.

The change of the toolbar was not at all taken well by the users, and in fact, the comments section of the Play Store page is full of feedback from people who criticize the change of behavior of the toolbar. In fact, in previous versions, a user could make a simple scroll on the toolbar to select all the options he wanted.

Unfortunately, the new update forces the user to stop typing a sentence, tap the three dots on the toolbar, select the function you need and, only then, go back to typing again. Unfortunately for developers, this change seems to increase the user experience – it is not known how – and at least for now the opportunity to return to how it worked before is not revealed.

The new SwiftKey update is currently being distributed through the Google Play Store and you can check its presence by tapping the badge below. Instead, in case it is not yet available, you can directly download the APK from APK Mirror by visiting this link.


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