This clamshell Foldable iPhone will make you forget the rest

This clamshell Foldable iPhone will make you forget the rest
This clamshell Foldable iPhone will make you forget the rest

Last month we provided you with some leaks about Apple working on a Foldable iPhone and here we are again with another leak that has surfaced throughout the internet. You may like it or not but the foldable phone is the future of the smartphone. Having seen some of the foldable phones from the top brands like Samsung and Huawei What would a foldable iPhone look like, following what is the trend of the moment? This is the question that everyone is looking for an answer.

Among these is the Iskander Utebayev design, which brings, on his Instagram profile, an interesting concept of ultra-thin apple phone, with internal folding screen and external display. According to the author’s drawing, the device should open with a simple touch on the secondary display, showing the internal display in all its splendor, obviously without the sign of a fold visible in the part of the hinge. From the post on the designer’s IG profile, you can see the rendering in a short video:

Foldable iPhone: It’s very beautiful

Being only a concept, it is good to view this render without the expectation of seeing a device of the folding from the Cupertino company anytime soon. It is interesting to note, however, how the product is designed to show some future aspects of smartphones that users would like to see in the future.

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My vision of iPhone 12 Flip📱

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Despite the concept vaguely resembling Motorola’s Razr, the collapsible iPhone render doesn’t seem to have any of the disadvantages or flaws seen so far on the first-generation foldable. Even the management of the iOS operating system would lend itself very well to this type of folding screen.

Thinking back on what companies like Samsung or Huawei have made a year ago, such as the first generation Fold with hinge and film problems, or the Mate X of the Chinese company, it is evident that such an Apple product, with great attention to detail and in individual details, as per company philosophy, it would be well seen by users all over the world.

Analysts have already started to develop the first ideas about it, and we can’t rule out that Apple is already working on a foldable device coming in the next few months (if not years). From some rumors that surfaced online, it seems that Apple has filed several times for the patent for folding screen laptops. What to expect in the future from Tim Cook’s company?


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