Android 11 is official. Google Releases the first developer preview .

Welcome Android 11. Google Releases the first developer preview .
Welcome Android 11. Google Releases the first developer preview .

Android 11 is already here. Well, I mean sort of. This is absolutely the first Developer Preview of Android 11 and while this time Google has released an early preview for the developers. Before you jump off the roof, I will tell you that this release is just developer-facing and the changes are very minimal if you’re a user who is gonna install it. This time around Google is making some big promises such as better support for 5G, better foldable phone compatibility, new and improved privacy, and security. So, let’s dive into it in detail and see what Google has for us in the store with this Android 11.

With a classic blog post dedicated to developers, Google announced the first developer preview of Android 11. In addition to listing the devices that can first try the developer preview of Android 11, Google also rattles off some details about it.

Whether you like it or not, the future is moving towards folding devices and 5G. And Android 11 is also mainly is focused on these two technologies in mind. The goal, says Google, is to offer as usual a solid system, ready to offer millions and millions of users functionality, apps and games, focusing at the same time on the privacy and security of its users.

Android 11 will offer a lot of news for smartphone developers and manufacturers, new possibilities for managing multimedia files and cameras, machine learning and, as already mentioned, improvements and news for folding devices, or dual screens like that of Microsoft and 5G. And as usual, Google also wants to emphasize that it is a build designed for developers, which must, therefore, be downloaded and flashed manually. Here are some of the features in details Android 11 will bring with it.

What’s New With the Android 11

What's New With the Android 11


New APIs have been designed for 5G. For example, one is used to estimate the available bandwidth (both upload and download) without the need to actually scan the network but based solely on the modem. The other to understand if you have unlimited data available and in this case, the app or the system functionality that uses this API pushes more on the resolution of the contents without taking into account any consumption.

New types of screen

As we said, this time the focus is not only on traditional phones but also on devices such as the Microsoft smartphone with two close-up screens. In addition, there will also be new APIs to better manage particular curved screens and phones with punch hole displays.


With Android 11, if the app supports the functionality, you can also respond by sending images directly from the notifications. There are also APIs dedicated to Bubbles or Messenger-style bubble messages that allow you to manage conversations and perform other operations.

Privacy and security

Among the noteworthy innovations are the one-time permissions, or permissions that can be granted for one use (temporary permission ) and new security measures for the protection of apps and data on external memories. From a security visit point, biometric data support has been increased there are other innovations as well for better enhancement and user experience.


That’s pretty much of that for now and we’ll keep you updated on this when we have other information regarding the Android 11. Keep visiting our blog or do subscribe to our newsletter if you want to get the information straight to your email.

If you want to take a look at the complete list of innovations implemented by Google in Android 11 we recommend you take a look here. And to download and install the developer preview of Android 11 for supported pixel devices (from pixel 2 onwards), click here


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