Amazon Kindle (2019) Review: Finally With Lit Display

Amazon Kindle (2019) Review: Finally With Lit Display

Amazon Kindle (2019) is a device that is perfect for someone who loves to read on an ebook reader, especially in the dark without any interruptions and at a reasonable price. What We mean to say is that Amazon has finally brought the new Kindle with a lit display even to the basic model, and the price for the new Amazon Kindle (2019) has been kept below Rs. 8,000

For quite a while now, Kindles has been the industry leader of E-books reader. Amazon, after introducing last year’s Kindle Paperwhite in2018, strengthened its Kindle line-up by introducing the all-new Amazon Kindle (2019) earlier this year. Now the basic Amazon Kindle (2019) has seen a major leap in feature with the introduction of the light display.

We have been using this new Amazon Kindle (2019) and we have compiled the details in every aspect. This review of the Amazon Kindle (2019) will give you all the details you need and also help you decide whether you should go for it or not.

So let’s dive in deeper and see what does the new Amazon Kindle (2019) bring to the table.

Amazon Kindle (2019) Review

Amazon Kindle (2019) Review

Amazon Kindle (2019) Hardware and software

The biggest hardware innovation introduced with the Amazon Kindle (2019) is obviously the over-lighting system, which for the first time is also found on a cheaper version of ebook reader. In Amazon Kindle (2019) we get 4 LEDs placed along with the frames, which provide homogeneous and adjustable lighting, divided into 24 intensity levels.

To give some reference, the Kindle Paperwhite has 5 LEDs, the Oasis has 12, but honestly counting the LEDs is not so important.

The light brought an increase of Rs. 2,000 in the list price compared to the previous model, but it is absolutely worth spending a little more to have a lighting system.

However, there is no change in the display which is the usual 6 ″ with a pixel density of 167 ppi, and this is the real weak point, which well might make you prefer a Paperwhite or another higher-end model.

The internal memory is 4GB, half compared to the Kindle Paperwhite, but this is not a real problem for books. You can still have more than thousands of e-books. But if you’re a comic fan then you might have some problems because the comics easily exceed 100MB and 4GB of storage might not be enough for you.

In general, therefore, if you buy an ebook reader with the intention of also reading comics, you will already have understood that it is good to go for the Paperwhite version. But if you don’t care much about comics and you would only read books on the Kindle, even on this basic version you can have a seamless experience.

The software is, in fact, the same as all the other more famous models, with all the excellent features and the Amazon store. It is obviously possible to underline and take notes, look up words in dictionaries and add bookmarks, personalize fonts, spacing, margins and so on.

Like all the Kindle, even this new basic default variant only supports ebooks in MOBI, AZW, AZW3 (besides TXT, PDF, DOC, and HTML) but still, there is no ePub or comics (CBZ or CBR) support.

Therefore, purchases are bound but if you have purchased ebooks or comics from other retailers you can convert them with the trusted software and Kindle Comic Creator.

Note: Like all the others currently on the market, Amazon Kindle (2019) has the support of Bluetooth which can be used to listen to audiobooks with Audible.

Reading experience

 Reading experience

The reading experience on this Amazon Kindle (2019) goes up to another level of all the other Amazon ebook readers and is substantially excellent, at least as far as we talk about ebooks.

Despite the rather poor resolution of the display, in everyday use, it can be read without problems, as long as it remains in the context of books: by placing the screen side by side with that of a Paperwhite you can see the resolution gap, but in practice, there are differences in user experience.

As already mentioned, the thing changes a lot with the comics. In this case, the low density of pixels significantly worsens the reading and it becomes really difficult to read by viewing the whole page.

The situation improves by showing a single vignette (thanks to the Panel View mode), but the quality of the drawings and lettering is greatly affected by the low quality of the display. In short, if it was not yet clear to you, do not buy this Kindle to read the comics, simply ask.

The same is true for PDFs, which are still a bit like the Achilles heel of ebook readers and despite Amazon has greatly improved the use of this format in conjunction with the launch of the latest Paperwhite, reading PDF is still an experience substantially unnerving, that no one will want to seriously deal with on an ebook reader. And, less than ever, on this basic Amazon Kindle (2019) which just has a 167 PPI display.

And, less than ever, on this basic Amazon Kindle (2019) which just has a 167 PPI display

Having made all these clarifications, theAmazon Kindle (2019) is confirmed as an excellent ebook reader, perfect for entering the world of reading without too many barriers. Thanks to its small size, it is easy to take anywhere, and just one click to resume reading.

Amazon Kindle (2019) Price

The new Amazon Kindle (2019) is available in white or black and costs Rs.7,999 which is Rs. 2000 more than the previous model (version 2016). The price increase is justified by the presence of the lighting system as it is absolutely worth spending a few more bucks to read peacefully even in the dark.

The price is certainly tempting, but those who can spend a little more should definitely evaluate the Kindle Paperwhite, which costs Rs. 12,999 but has a 300ppi display, is waterproof and has a better (and more durable) design.

Alternatively, those who want to save money and look for a device on which to read books exclusively can serenely buy the basic Kindle, which will certainly not disappoint.

Final Verdict

This Amazon Kindle (2019) is going to be a great purchase for ebook readers who loves to read. At Rs. 7,999 you take home a device with the excellent reading experience typical of Kindle and has the display with Backlight, which allows you to read even in the dark.

Having said that, if you can spend a little more you can also consider the Paperwhite if you want an ebook reader to be water resistance and have good display but those who are looking for an ebook reader to read books only will not be disappointed by this new basic version.


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