Alert: Using FaceApp could be dangerous. Is your privacy at risk?

Alert: Using FaceApp could be dangerous. Is your privacy at risk?

Anything that goes Viral in the internet world , always bring some controversy. The new image filter app that doing the rounds all over the internet called FaceApp is no different. The FaceApp old filters have gone viral and almost everyone is using those filters.

With this app, you can edit your photos with several filters, and right now, what is used the most is the filter that makes you old.

The possible lack of privacy that comes with using the app is something you need to worry about as the images that are published in this app may not be as safe.

As several media have highlighted, FaceApp’s terms of use are not very respectful of users’ privacy. The development of this tool is believed to be in Russia because there is the nationality set as Russian for this app.

Does using FaceApp put our privacy at risk?

We also had the same question on our mind. So we tried to view the privacy policy of FaceApp, and we can find that the last update for the app is in January 2017. Since that time, the company behind the development of the app has not changed the privacy statement that was attached to it at the time it was launched in Play Store and App Store.

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What is alarming is what it could do with the photos that are uploaded to the servers. According to what we could find, once the user uses a filter to apply it to his photograph, he gives the license to the company. This means that the company that controls FaceApp can do what it sees fit with those images.

FaceApp does not ask for any permission

Although this usually happens with these types of applications, it is infrequent that FaceApp does not ask for permissions to access the device ID, as well as the phone number and other critical data in Android. This can be verified by uninstalling and installing the app since it only asks for permission to access the camera and the phone’s photos.

If seeing this, you are worried about your privacy; we do not blame you. In short, this is what could happen with your data and photos if you use FaceApp:

You will share your pictures and usage data generated when using FaceApp with Wireless Lab. All this information is stored on the company’s servers.

The information stored is in US servers, although this data can be moved to other countries with different laws.

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The photos and the modifications are yours, but you grant the license to use the service. This means that they can do whatever they want with those photos.

All the data obtained by the service can be shared with other companies.

So, is FaceApp dangerous or not?
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So, is FaceApp dangerous or not?

Maybe it is, perhaps not, but what we do know for sure is that care must be taken with what is shared in it. Modifying a selfie does not have any risk, but if we retouch “delicate” photos (rises in tone, yes, there is some danger.

From here, we recommend taking caution. You never know when our face could come to seem in publicity on the internet, something that surely would not like anyone.

UPDATE: The company responds to all the allegations

FaceApp has reacted to all the confusion, and we summarize what they have said:

  • Most photos are deleted within 48 hours of the upload. They only store them so that they do not have to be loaded at all times.
  • FaceApp data is not transferred to Russia at any time.
  • They do not sell or share your data with third parties.
  • Most people use the app without registering, so they do not have any data from these people.

Apart from that, the company also clarified that users could request that the data of each one be deleted in Configuration – Support – Report an Error. Write the word privacy, and you’re done. Well, if all this is true, our photos there will be as much or just as safe as on any social platform such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.


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