After Instagram, now Facebook to hide the likes count.

Facebook hide likes

Soon you’ll not be able to see the likes count on the News Feed post created on Facebook. Yes, you heard that absolutely right because Facebook is soon going to hide the likes counter. In fact, Facebook has already started prototyping this feature and it is soon going to be put into effect.

Facebook seems to be in a hurry to make changes for its social platforms. Not long ago, the social media giant introduced a new tool that would guarantee the protection of users’ data, something that was very must essential as its reputation was already on the line.

Now, with the almost no prior announcement, Facebook confirmed that soon a change will come into existence that would aim to hide the likes counter in the post made within the platform.

What does it mean to hide the likes counter?

In simple words, with this feature enabled, the like/reaction count is hidden from anyone other than the creator of the post, just as it work for Instagram. You can still see the people who liked/reacted, but the amount will be hidden.

Interestingly, likes/reaction counts on comments can still be accesible for now. As this feature is still in the early stage of development, things will be polished eventually.

Facebook tested this on Instagram, some time ago, and got positive response from the users. Because of the positive response from the Instagram users now it seems Facebook decided to replicate it on its own social network.

But not everything could come out as expected, because eliminating this counter could bring in certain complications within the Facebook advertising system.

In case the impact is negative, and if the advertising system of which the social network lives is affected, it will not take long for Facebook to revert all these changes related to the likes.

Purpose of this change?

According to what has been commented on the Internet, the purpose of this change for Facebook hide likes is to improve the content that is published on the social network. By eliminating the likes counter, junk content could be avoided, i.e. – the unecessary posts that are created just for likes and it will aslo help to drastically minimize the irrelevant posts that go viral.

One has to wait and watch if the change that Facebook plans to make in its social network will bear fruit for the users, as well as for the company. What we know for sure is that if this change affects the income of money it will not take long for the social network giant to revert the changes.


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